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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Making Scotland's Rural Environment More Sustainable: Conference Talks and Posters


Draft report August 2007 (0.5MB pdf)

Programme launch in Edinburgh on 25th June 2007

Press release


  • Glimpse of the Future, Maggie Gill, Scottish Government (3 MB pps)
  • Making Scotland's Rural Environment More Sustainable, Steve Albon, Macaulay Institute (6 MB pps)
  • Enhancing Water Quality, Robert Ferrier, Macaulay Institute (25 MB pps selected slides)
  • Protecting the Nation's Soils, Colin Campbell, Macaulay Institute (32 MB pps)
  • Conserving Natural Heritage, Alison Hester, Macaulay Institute (1 MB pdf)
  • Developing Rural Scotland, Alan Renwick, Scottish Agricultural College(8 MB pps)

Posters (1MB pdfs)

Introduction - first slide
Overview - first slide
Water - first slide
Soils - first slide
Heritage - first slide
Rural - first slide