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Friday 17th January 2020
The Glen Finglas Grazing Experiment

Ongoing Work

There are further unanswered questions that are being addressed through the Glen Finglas experiment. Our current work falls into two main areas:

  1. Ongoing monitoring of vegetation, invertebrate and pipit populations – will short-term responses to the grazing treatments that we have observed change over time? This work takes both a functional group and community composition approach to unravelling interactions between trophic levels.
  2. Specific research on causative factors behind observed responses – for example we are investigating if pipit chicks raised in the preferred treatments II and III are fitter than those raised elsewhere, thus potentially increasing post-fledging survival.

The experiment is also utilised by other research projects that benefit from its rigorous design and long-term management. We are currently working with the Scottish Agricultural Collage and UKPopNet and are always keen to talk to other potential collaborators.

Contact: Dr. Nick Littlewood

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