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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Functioning of Species, Habitats and Ecosystems

Functioning of Species, Habitats and Ecosystems addresses these issues by developing our knowledge of the diversity and distribution of Scottish plants and fungi, by exploring how trophic interactions influence the population dynamics of key species and how these effects cascade through ecosystems, and what links environment and management on one hand and diversity and ecosystem function on the other.

This research programme is constructed around 3 modules based upon key scientific challenges for biodiversity identification and conservation.

In association with a further research theme "Management of Biodiversity Change" we have a range of activities aimed at ensuring that the results from the research are brought to the attention of appropriate end users.

This research theme is being tackled by a team of ecological, environmental and taxonomic scientists from Macaulay Institute, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Scottish Agricultural College.

Theme Co-ordinator: Prof. Robin Pakeman

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