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This page is no longer updated. The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute joined forces with SCRI joined forces on 1 April 2011 to create The James Hutton Institute. Please visit the James Hutton Institute website.

Thursday 5th October 2023

Knowledge Exchange


In order to influence environmental decision-making and conservation practice research has to be made available in the most suitable manner for different groups of end users.

Together with colleagues from Theme 7 Management of Biodiversity Change we are tackling this challenge in a number of ways:

  • Publishing and presenting our results to fellow scientists
  • Collaborating with a range of academic, statutory and non-governmental organisations
  • Contributing to key academic and conservation focussed committees and panels
  • Organising workshops aimed at presenting our work to land managers
  • Exhibiting our work at science festivals, agricultural shows and parliamentary events
  • Lecturing to students, supervision of postgraduates and teaching on specialist identification courses
  • Providing information to specialists and non-specialists through the web, popular articles, local meetings and workshops
  • Development of ‘The Gateway’ at RBGE as a national focal point for interpreting biodiversity that will encourage the public to engage with experts from Scotland and round the world


Knowledge Exchange