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This page is no longer updated. The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute joined forces with SCRI joined forces on 1 April 2011 to create The James Hutton Institute. Please visit the James Hutton Institute website.

Research description

The research in Environment - Land Use and Rural Stewardship (Programme 3) will

  • determine key factors linked with ecosystem function and resilience which lead to sustainability

  • improve knowledge of hazard identification and the threat that global change presents the wider rural environment

  • provide solutions to mitigate and adapt to environmental change to make rural landscapes and communities more sustainable

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Our research is linked across the component natural resources (waters, soils, natural heritage/ biodiversity and landscapes) that make up the environment, through three Cross Cutting Themes:

1) Responding to Climate Change,
2) Protecting Biodiversity,
3) Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability of Rural Scotland,

These Cross Cutting Themes are centred on issues which also provide a way to link with the other three Programmes under the Strategic Research for SEERAD Environment, Biology and Agriculture 2005-2010