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Monday 22nd July 2024

Risk Based Methods to Assess Soil Quality

This research should lead to effective and affordable methods for monitoring soils which are appropriate to Scottish soils, are compatible with UK and EU monitoring schemes, and ultimately lead to improved soil protection policies.

This theme investigates these issues using a risk-based approach that combines evidence and uncertainties of impacts and effects on soils with methodologies for soil monitoring.

It is constructed around 4 modules based upon the 4 stages of the ‘classical risk assessment approach’. Click on the stage within the diagram for more information;

Stages in module 3.2

The research theme is being tackled by teams of physical, chemical and biological scientists from The Macaulay Institute, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland, and the Scottish Agricultural College.

Theme Co-ordinator: Dr Rupert Hough, Macaulay Institute.


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