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Monday 22nd July 2024

Sustainable Outcomes
for Rural Scotland

Our research aims to increase knowledge of environmental change and, in turn, provide better ways of managing our natural resources in a more sustainable way for the benefit of Scotland’s people. The research addresses four primary objectives:

This multi-disciplinary programme is being undertaken by social and economic scientists working together with environmental scientists, geographers, mathematicians and statisticians from:

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Programme 3 co-ordinator:

Professor Steve Albon,
Macaulay Institute.


Enhancing Water Quality

Image for Enhancing Water Quality

Methodologies to assess water quality:
Work package 3.4

Management to enhance water quality:
Work package 3.5

Protecting the Nation's Soils

Image for Protecting the Nation's Soils

Risk-based methodologies to assess soil quality:
Work package 3.2

Management of soils to enhance function and value:
Work package 3.3

Conserving Natural Heritage

Image for Conserving Natural Heritage

Functioning of species, habitats and ecosystems:
Work package 3.6

Management of biodiversity change:
Work package 3.7

Developing Rural Scotland

Image for Developing Rural Scotland

Sustainable farming systems:
Work package 3.1

Protection and enhancement of rural landscapes and communities:
Work package 3.8